AHS16 was a huge success!

It’s been over a month since AHS16 (the Ancestral Health Symposium in 2016) met in Boulder, CO, but I’m still amazed at the quality of the symposium. Since Brent Pottenger and I founded the symposium in 2011, we’ve held one just about every year, in different parts of the US. I’m very proud of how strong the symposium has grown, both in depth and rigor of the science and practitioner sessions, and in the breadth of topics represented.ahs16

I have a talk titled “Diet and cognition: Data, theory, and some solutions from the playbook of psychology”. The talk was a success judging from the number of individuals who approached me afterward to tell me how much they got out of it both personally and for future directions to their therapy practice.

The talk is now available online here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js8MELGn3XM.


The rest of the talks from the symposium will be made available on the Ancestry Foundation Youtube channel (many already online) here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSIUpXeC1QEjNm54X7KylkQ.


Aaron Blaisdell



Author: aaronblaisdell

I am interested in animal cognition and behavior. How do animals build and use representations of their world? I use Pavlovian and instrumental conditioning procedures to dissect this question. My work addresses a number of research questions at the interface between associative and cognitive processes. How do rats make causal inferences? What other rational processes do rats use? How do pigeons learn and integrate spatial maps? What are the sources of behavioral variability and what is its role in problem solving? Recently I have begun to study attentional processes in hermit crabs, such as habituation and sensitization. A second interest of mine is in how human ancestry and evolution can inform us about our health and well being. In particular, our modern world is quite different from that of our ancestors, to the detriment of our physiologies and biochemistries.

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