I have often thought it would be fun to run my own blog. But, it would be a lot of work, too.

Well, life is full of interesting stuff that I’d like to comment on now and then when the muse catches me. So, here’s my humble and haphazard blog. I don’t know how things will evolve in this little experiment, but you will occasionally see here my attempts to capture publicly the inner “me”. I strive to make my own life as awesome and fun as possible, which means getting outside of my comfort zone (like starting this blog!), only to reign myself back in when I feel I’ve become to grandiose or played out a thought to its logical conclusion.

Check back now and then, or better yet, subscribe to my feed so you’ll know when I dash out in public to expose some of my inner musings. Get a glimpse at metopia, which is likely often different than youtopia.

In whimsical fun,



Author: aaronblaisdell

I am interested in animal cognition and behavior. How do animals build and use representations of their world? I use Pavlovian and instrumental conditioning procedures to dissect this question. My work addresses a number of research questions at the interface between associative and cognitive processes. How do rats make causal inferences? What other rational processes do rats use? How do pigeons learn and integrate spatial maps? What are the sources of behavioral variability and what is its role in problem solving? Recently I have begun to study attentional processes in hermit crabs, such as habituation and sensitization. A second interest of mine is in how human ancestry and evolution can inform us about our health and well being. In particular, our modern world is quite different from that of our ancestors, to the detriment of our physiologies and biochemistries.

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